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The Iberian orca, a threatened population

The orca population of the Strait of Gibraltar and the Gulf of Cadiz is included as Vulnerable in the Spanish Catalog of Endangered Species (CEEA).

IB8 (9).jpg

Bluefin Tuna

The specialization of the Iberian orca in this type of prey makes it very vulnerable to factors such as overfishing and climate change. 

IB19 Lluvia with tuna. ©Stiftung FIRMM


This threatened population is a victim in many occasions of our uncivic behavior and/or excessive and impulsive consumption of plastic products and abandonment of fishing gear.

IB35 (8).jpg
IB35 Royan being rescued from entanglement.
©SeaXplorer Sagres
IB20, IB7.jpg

The degradation of their habitat

The interaction of the species with fisheries and boats, as well as the construction of infrastructures on the high seas, underwater noise, intense maritime traffic, the progressive increase in the tourist industry for whale watching in the area, etc...

IB20 Lobo and IB7 Daga in Las Bajas. ©Stiftung FIRMM

Thanks to protection measures, they seem to be increasing in number, but it may already be too late, as their genetic diversity may have been severely compromised.

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